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Super-resolution imaging of intracellular transport

Cell Biophysics & Physical Biology

Project description

Intracellular transport is highly important for maintaining cellular homeostasis. Motor-proteins transport vesicular cargos along microtubules, overcoming roadblocks and traffick jams along the way. Using super-resolution microscopy in combination with single particle tracking, we are studying the mechanisms that motors use to effectively transport their cargo in the crowded cellular environment.

External collaborations

Selected publications in this project


  • ERC Starting Grant Awarded to Prof. Melike Lakadamyali

    The grant supports young researchers to establish themselves as independent research leaders. ICFO Group Leader and Nest Fellow, Professor Melike Lakadamyali, has been awarded a European Research Council Starting Grant to pursue her project “On the move: Motor cargo and motor-microtubule interactions studied with quantitative, high spatio-temporal resolution microscopy in vivo”. The project aims to … Continue reading →

  • ICFO on the cover of PNAS

    Researchers report on new all-optical imaging method combining super-resolution microscopy with single particle tracking. Research carried out by the Advanced Fluorescence Imaging and Biophysics group led by Prof. Melike Lakadamyali, has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), USA. PNAS is one of the world’s most highly cited multidisciplinary journals. … Continue reading →


Present ERC-MOTORS (ERC-Starting Grant), EMBO-Young Investigator Program

Past Spanish Misnistry of Education, Plan Nacional, ICFO-Startup Package

▲ Super-resolution imaging of intracellular transport