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Quantum Biology

Quantum Biology

Project description

Plants, bacteria and algae collect sunlight to store its energy and synthesize high energy molecular species to power life, a process which involves light harvesting complexes to capture, transfer and store the light energy. Surprisingly coherences are observed in the energy transfer, which point to a role of quantum concepts in photosynthesis. To address such processes we apply ultrafast spectroscopy at the single-molecule limit: with dedicated femtosecond light flashes we capture a high-speed series of ‘pictures’ of the states of individual antenna complexes after light absorption, to unveil the persistent coherence during light transport.

External collaborations

Richard Cogdell, Glasgow University, UK. Neil Hunter, Sheffield University, UK. Martin Plenio, Susana Huelga, Ulm University, Germany. Richard Hildner, University of Bayreuth, Germany. Herschel Rabitz, Princeton University, USA. Benedetta Menucci, University of Pisa, Italy. Rienk v. Grondelle, Elisabeth Romero, VUAmsterdam, the Netherlands. Biophotonic Solutions, Inc., East Lansing, USA

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ERC-Adv.Grant-2014 – n° 670949 LightNet, MINECO QUACO FIS2012-35527 and FIS2014-55563-REDC , AGAUR SGR 1540, Fundacio Privada CELLEX Barcelona

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