ICFO is setting a rapid pace in the advancement of BioNano research

The BioNanoScience program at ICFO aims at a holistic understanding of biological function and mechanisms of molecular regulation at the nanoscale within the full complexity of living cells.

Through visualization, molecular manipulation and ultra-sensitive bio-sensing we ultimately expect to impact application solutions for the treatment and preventive diagnosis of diseases, including targeted nanomedicine.

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Our research activities are a collaborative effort by multidisciplinary scientists with complementary backgrounds that range from molecular and cell biology, to physics, chemistry and nanotechnology.


  • May 16, 2017

    Shape matters at the intracellular post-office

    New insights on how lipids control the shape and function of the Golgi complex reported in eLife. The Golgi complex is the central hub inside the cells for the transport of many so-called cargo proteins, very alike to a post-office. The structure and function of the Golgi complex are intimately linked, although the role of … Continue reading →

  • March 3, 2017

    Congratulations to New ICFO PhD graduate

    Dr. Alberto Sosa Costa graduated with a thesis in ’Insights on the Spatiotemporal Organization of Integrins and their Ligands Using Quantitative Biophysical Tools’ Dr. Alberto Sosa Costa received his Master degree in Physics from the University of Havana, in Cuba, before joining the Single Molecule Biophotonics group led by ICREA Prof. at ICFO Dr. María … Continue reading →

  • February 20, 2017

    Turning nano-antennas on the right side

    In-plane nano-gap antenna-arrays with giant enhancement in NanoLetters. Optical nano-antennas are ideal to enhance light-matter interactions at the nanometer scale. Yet in most designs, the region of maximum field localization and enhancement, the “hotspot”, is not readily accessible since it is buried into the nanostructure. In a recent collaboration between EPFL in Lausanne, Fresnel Institute … Continue reading →